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Five a day

Juicers Matter

The juicers we use contain cold blades and horizontal features. The cold blades are used to extract the maximum nutritional value from each ingredient. Slow blades are also used to further prevent the reduction of nutrients which happens as a result of high-speed rotation.

This is combined with a horizontal blade which separates the solid structure of the plant from the juice, leaving more juice and less pulp than a regular juicer therefore providing our customers with the best possible value. We use state of the art technology to guarantee minimal waste.

Who We Are

Bringing Eden produces organic, fare trade juices and smoothies using state of the art technology and high quality natural ingredient.


Use state of the art technology to maximise the nutritional value and minimise waste.

To specifically use high quality, fare trade ingredients.

Providing tailored advice to our customers aiding our clients to live a healthy lifestyle.

Juice not Drink

We guarantee our juices is made from, Yes you guessed it, actual fruit and Vegetables. We work hard to source our products from suppliers who share our passion for organically grown produce. We have a range of juices aimed at reducing blood pressure, increasing iron, building your immune system and much, MUCH MORE!